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Artist's Statement


52 PICKUP is an ongoing series of 52 original short films, which are being produced weekly over the course of one year between 2015-16.  They are being made for entirely selfish reasons.  I am making them for myself and not for any audience so I don’t care if you watch them, comment on them, or “Like” them on social media. 


They are designed to keep me busy and more importantly - creatively honest - while I navigate the ongoing challenges in my independent film career.   Most of the feature length films I produce & direct take years to make for two reasons:  1, they are self-financed and 2, I choose subject matter that requires the licensing and approvals from entities I cannot control.  I first learned this horrific lesson while making a Blues documentary back in 1990, and I’ve cyclically abused myself on certain films for 25 years.  Some of these films, which may never be distributed, I lovingly call Abortions.


But no more chains!  No more glorifying other artists!  No more waiting around to give birth to my next big masterpiece!  You will find nothing related to ‘show business’ here, it is all ‘show art'.

                                                                                                                                                            -D.P. Carlson

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