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Film Foetus, Inc. is an independent film & video production company based in the Midwest.​ We specialize in making unique documentary projects for the theatrical, broadcast, corporate and non-profit worlds. The founder of the company is D.P. Carlson who has been established in the Midwest film community since 1988.

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Joe Frank Somewhere Out There movie poster

"Joe Frank - Somewhere Out There" is a feature length film that explores the life of award-winning audio artist  Joe Frank whose career on radio and on-line has spanned nearly four decades.  Frank's highly produced radio shows can be described as innovative, abstract, underground, autobiographical, surreal, funny, disturbing, and thought provoking meditations on the human condition.

The film stars Joe Frank, Harry Shearer, David Cross, Ira Glass, Grace Zabriskie, Alexander Payne, Terry Kinney, Larry Block, Debi Mae West, Ryan Cutrona, Laura Esterman, Tim Jerome, Larry Josephson, Arthur Miller, David  Rapkin, and Lester Nafzger among others.

"Chicago Filmmakers on the Chicago River" available on DVD and streaming!

Now available to purchase for home viewing is the innovative documentary feature "Chicago Filmmakers on the Chicago River!"  You can stream it for a 72-hour period or download it for purchase.  Downloading the film comes with an additional 60-minutes of the "Flotsam & Jetsam" Bonus Features!

Chicago Filmmakers Haskell Wexler and D.P. Carlson

"Chicago Filmmakers/Chicago River" celebrated in print!

The Film Foetus documentary is featured in Intellect Books' "World Film Locations: Chicago" which is described as a fun and fact-packed read, that will be welcomed by film fans and anyone planning a trip to the Windy City.  Essays by Arnie Bernstein, who authored "Hollywood on Lake Michigan".


Roger Ebert: "...a rare movie book with an original inspiration.  It brings something great to the party."

World Film Locations Chicago
Hollywood on Lake Michigan

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