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Adrian Belew on "Success"

The Bears
Out of Hibernation

"The Bears - Out of Hibernation" is a rockumentary road picture starring the critically acclaimed, pop music band The Bears. The doc goes behind-the-scenes with musicians Adrian Belew (King Crimson, David Bowie, Frank Zappa), Chris Arduser, Rob Fetters, and Bob Nyswonger as they reunite for their first tour in 13 years. The cameras shadow the band for 36 hours as they wander the winter roads and reflect on the realities of indy rock:  killer music, cheap hotels, fans, freeway jams & diseased meat!

70:00 * Super8/DVCam/Digibeta * Color

Excerpt from the film

Paul Stanley
Live To Dream

"Paul Stanley - Live To Dream" is an insider's glimpse into the creative process of Paul Stanley and his concert film titled "Paul Stanley - One Live KISS" which was produced & directed by filmmaker Louis Antonelli.  The cameras shadow Antonelli as he works behind-the-scenes to capture Stanley's solo performance at House of Blues Chicago.

​26:00 * DV * Color



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