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Joe Frank
Somewhere Out There

Film trailer

"Joe Frank - Somewhere Out There" is a feature length film that explores the life of award-winning audio artist  Joe Frank whose career on radio and on-line has spanned four decades.  Frank's highly produced radio shows can be described as innovative, abstract, underground, autobiographical, surreal, funny, disturbing, and thought provoking meditations on the human condition.


The film stars Joe Frank, Harry Shearer, Ira Glass, David Cross, Grace Zabriskie, Alexander Payne, Larry Block, Debi Mae West, Ryan Cutrona, Laura Esterman, Tim Jerome, Larry Josephson, Terry Kinney, Arthur Miller, David  Rapkin, and Lester Nafzger among others.

84:00 * HD* Color

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Chicago Filmmakers
on the Chicago River

Film trailer

Film Excerpts

"Chicago Filmmakers on the Chicago River" examines the creative processes of movie makers indigenous to Chicago, while cruising along the Windy City's famous river system. The filmmakers are interviewed aboard an amusing variety of watercraft (speedboat, fireboat, tugboat, houseboat, fishing boat, rowboat, pontoon, canoe, etc.) 

This feature length film stars Andrew Davis, Harold Ramis, John Landis, John McNaughton, Michael Mann, Steven A. Jones,  Jerry Blumenthal, Gordon Quinn, Stuart Gordon, Haskell Wexler, Tom Palazzolo, Heather McAdams, Loretta Smith, Ross Marks, Louis Antonelli, Dann Gire, Ray Pride, Mayor Richard Daley, Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert.

​80:00 * DV * Color

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Andrew Davis

John Landis

Haskell Wexler

Homeless '99

"Homeless '99" is an award-winning documentary film that exposes a day in the life of a destitute man as he panhandles in Chicago.  Shot at the famed six cornered intersection in Wicker Park, this short tone poem focuses on the struggles of Michael Baines (now a Streetwise vendor) as he interacts with the animated community.

Director of Photography is Greg Gricus.  Music by Tom Radtke with Chip Ratliff on bass.  Sound Deisign by Nick Ferrrri.

​4:00 * DV to 35mm * Color

I Was There When
The Blues Was Red Hot

Film Excerpt

"I Was There When The Blues Was Red Hot" is a documentary feature based on the book by Fernando Jones. The film stars Willie Dixon, Buddy Guy, Johnny Winter, Rick Danko, Lefty Dizz, Big Daddy Kinsey, Joe Walsh and others. It also features new generation Blues artists Fernando Jones & My Band, The Kinsey Report, The Griff Band and Shirli Dixon-Nelson among others.

​70:00 * 16mm * B&W

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