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CHICAGO FILMMAKERS ON THE CHICAGO RIVER examines the creative processes of movie makers indigenous to Chicago, while cruising along the Windy City's famous river system. The filmmakers are interviewed aboard an amusing variety of watercraft (speedboat, fireboat, tugboat, houseboat, fishing boat, rowboat, pontoon, canoe, etc.) 

This feature length film stars Andrew Davis, Harold Ramis, John Landis, John McNaughton, Michael Mann, Steven A. Jones,  Jerry Blumenthal, Gordon Quinn, Stuart Gordon, Haskell Wexler, Tom Palazzolo, Heather McAdams, Loretta Smith, Ross Marks, Louis Antonelli, Dann Gire, Ray Pride, Mayor Richard Daley, Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert.


Director: D.P. Carlson

Producers:  D.P. Carlson,  Mike Weber​​

Genre:  Rockumentary

​​​LIVE TO DREAM is an insider's glimpse into the creative process of Paul Stanley and his concert film titled "Paul Stanley - One Live KISS" which was produced & directed by filmmaker Louis Antonelli.  The cameras shadow Antonelli as he works behind-the-scenes to capture Stanley's solo performance at House of Blues Chicago.

26:00 * DV * Color * VIEW CLIP HERE


John Landis

Producer - Director:  D.P. Carlson​

​​​Genre:  Documentary

Paul Stanley


Director:  D.P. Carlson

Producers: ​ D.P. Carlson, Blair Holmes, Mike Weber

Genre: Rockumentary

THE BEARS: OUT OF HIBERNATION! is a rockumentary road picture starring the critically acclaimed, pop music band THE BEARS. The doc goes behind-the-scenes with musicians ADRIAN BELEW, CHRIS ARDUSER, ROB FETTERS and BOB NYSWONGER as they reunite for their first tour in 13 years. The cameras shadow the band for 36 hours as they wander the winter roads linking their sold-out shows in Detroit and Chicago. Along the way, The Bears reflect on the realities of indy rock: killer music, cheap hotels, fans, freeway jams & diseased meat!

70:00 * Super8-DVCam-Digibeta * Color * VIEW CLIP HERE

Adrian Belew


Writer/Producer/Director: D.P. Carlson

​​​Genre:  Pseudo-documentary

JOHNNY DODGEBALL tells the story of the ragamuffin Chicago Superdawgs.  Led by Johnny, the gang battles through teenage baloney on their way to the National Amateur Dodgeball Tournament.  The film stars MICHAEL LEO POMERANZ, JESSICA SZOHR (Gossip Girl), WILL MALNATI (Stolen Summer) & KEVIN CHEVALIA (Homeward Bound.) Casting by DAVID O'CONNOR.  Soundtrack & Original Music by the legendary Chicago rock group SPIES WHO SURF featuring TOMMY KLEIN with DOUG CORCORAN.

68:00 * DVCam * Color * VIEW CLIP HERE

Writer/Producer/Director: ​D.P. Carlson

​Genre:  Narrative Short

SAILORMAN is a dramatic 35mm short film written, produced and directed by D.P. Carlson. This father & son story with a maritime theme takes place aboard an old Navy ship on Chicago's industrial lakefront. The film is a parable on male sexual abuse as seen through the eyes of an 8-year-old child.

The movie stars Mike Nussbaum (HOUSE OF GAMES & THINGS CHANGE) in the title role of the crusty WWII Navy veteran who stalks the young boy, played by Micah Kanters. Also featured is Chicago character actor Ron Dean, Michael Pomeranz, Michael Gorman, Rich Komenich, Jack McCabe and Gary Brichetto.

The director of photography is Greg Gricus, original music by Scott Bennett.  Casting by Jane Alderman.

15:30 * 35mm * Color * Dolby SR * VIEW MOVIE HERE


Michael Leo Pomeranz

Mike Nussbaum


Writer/Producer/Director: D.P. Carlson

​​​Genre:  Documentary

HOMELESS '99 exposes a day in the life of a destitute man as he panhandles in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood.  Shot at the famed six cornered intersection, this short tone poem focuses on the struggles of Michael Baines (now a Streetwise vendor) as he interacts with the animated community.

Director of Photography is Greg Gricus.  Music by Tom Radtke with Chip Ratliff on bass.  Sound Deisign by Nick Ferrrri.

4:00 * DV to 35mm * Color * VIEW MOVIE HERE

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